Manufacturer of Quality Window Blinds

We specialise in all types of blinds and curtains only and have excelled in this specialised area for pass 25 years.

At M.C Blinds we manufacture all rollers and verticals in our factory. All blinds are left child safe. Our fitter has over 20 years experience with us, our sales rep 15 years, our manager 20 years, and production staff all has been with us from day 1 with the owner having over 30 year experience in the business.

For our roller blinds we use a 32mm, 40mm or 45mm slot enforced aluminium tube to lock our fabric on to depending on the size of the opening of the window and are all manufactured from start to finish in house. Our fabric supplier we have been using for 20 years and have built up relationship with them which allows quick delivery of fabrics and any problems are rectified straight away. All fabrics are machine sewn and machine cut by our production team.

Our vertical blinds, we use a wide body vertical headrail and 3 slot tilt rod. All of the components are assembled in house to complete the vertical construction. The fabric is cut using our fabric suppliers recommend computerised machine and is machine stitched.

All blinds are made to measure and any issues or changes that may need to be made in the future can be done in house rather than being sent back to a supplier which mean a quick and efficient turnaround time.

We also have a large range of spare components to solve any problem that may occur.

We can also refurbish your old roller by just putting new material on which save our costumers paying for a brand new blind.

We can also cut and reshape the bottom of blinds which have got dirty or tattered.

All of these things can be done while you wait if the blind is taken to our factory. Alternatively, if you would like us to pick it up and re fit the blind for you this can be done as well as we cover a large area.

Why choose blinds from MC Blinds?

  • All our blinds are child safe
  • Professional fit and finish
  • Free quotations & home visits
  • Full range of fabrics, colours, patterns and lining options
  • Motorised control option
  • All types of blinds manufactured at our premises to your own specification
  • Family run business

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